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Younan Company is a global, private equity firm that specializes in acquisitions of assets and companies to complement its global luxury brand. The American-owned company headquartered in Southern California was founded in 2019 by Zaya S. Younan, Chairman and CEO of Younan Collection and Younan Properties. The company’s vision is to acquire a global portfolio of luxury properties and companies while building a world-class luxury lifestyle brand.

Younan seeks to create long term value by managing and investing capital with focused intent. The company prides itself on higher standards which lead to superior results. Since inception, the Younan companies have completed $6 billion worth of transactions with assets under management of more than $1.2 billion.

Younan’s European acquisitions are made through its subsidiary, La Grande Maison Younan Collection. The Younan Collection owns and operates 4- and 5-Star hotels and resorts including Château de Beauvois, Château le Prieuré, Hotel Saint-Martin, Domaine de Vaugouard, Château de la Perriere, and its latest properties, 5-Star Alexandra Palace, and its first beach resort, Malibu Foz Hotel & Resort in Portugal. The company also owns four French golf courses - Golf des Forges, Golf du Petit Chêne, Golf d'Avrille, and Golf du Vaugouard. Saint-Émilion vineyards Chateau la Croix Younan and Château Zaya, produce Grand Cru wine for the hotels.  El Septimo Premium Cigars is a super-premium cigar maker, and MPA Studio de Création is a luxury branding and point-of-sale firm headquartered in Paris.

Younan Properties, Inc., is a privately held real estate investment and management company, specializing in acquiring and managing Class A office properties and in strong growth markets throughout the U.S. including Houston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Orange County, Phoenix, and Colorado. It is a subsidiary of Younan Company. Known for its detailed, hands-on approach to improving operational efficiencies, while maintaining top building standards for tenants, Younan Properties is full-service with in-house expertise and resources in leasing, asset and property management, marketing, acquisitions, redevelopment, facility engineering, and financing.


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Younan Properties, Inc. (YPI), headquartered in Los Angeles, is a fully integrated, self-administered and self-managed commercial property management company that specializes in acquiring, repositioning and managing office buildings within the top 10 markets of the U.S. With $6 Billion worth of transactions, these commercial buildings represent the highest quality available. Its focus on these markets reflects YPI’s strategy of investing in high-growth markets with strong and diversified economies that it believes will drive long-term demand for office properties.

As one of the largest and most experienced private commercial property management companies in the U.S., YPI employs a hands-on operational strategy that revolves around maximizing operating efficiencies. Its operational excellence has allowed it to decrease tenant occupancy costs and increase property cash flow.

YPI has assembled an institutional-quality portfolio of office properties in Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Denver, and Phoenix, and it believes that the submarkets in which it owns properties are among the most desirable in the markets in which it operates. Within these submarkets, YPI has acquired high quality mid- and high-rise properties in desirable locations with a diverse tenant mix.

The senior management team at YPI has an extensive track record of leasing office properties that were acquired with significant vacancy. The favorable cost basis of YPI’s assets allows it to lease its space at competitive rents and mitigates the potential for significant impairments in its portfolio.

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La Grande Maison Younan Collection (LGMYC) was founded in 2016 by Zaya S. Younan, Chairman & CEO of Younan Company, with its first international acquisition of Chateau du Petit Chêne, a French National Monument. It represents a collection of seven four- and five-star luxury properties in key tourist destinations in Europe. These fully renovated châteaux and resorts under the Younan Collection name exemplify the history, luxury, and tradition of Europe.

In three short years, Mr. Younan has been discreetly buying French castles and transforming them into luxury hotels. Because of his remarkable work, commitment, and investments in promoting employment and tourism in France, Mr. Younan received the French Gold Medal for Tourism in 2019. Aside from the beautiful castles, the Younan Collection includes four golf courses strategically located in the Loire Valley, two vineyards, Chateau la Croix Younan and Château Zaya, in the Famous Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux region, and MPA Design Agency in Paris. The company also purchased El Septimo Premium Cigars headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

These independent hotels offer the highest level of guest satisfaction by elevating travel experiences with attentive and personal service. Younan Collection hotels offer a combination of luxury and heritage. Its determination to create luxurious experiences for all guests at all the hotels is what drives the Younan Collection. Moments that will last a lifetime are delivered by the outstanding expertise of its staff. The Younan Collection can take care of any occasion, whether it be a wedding, family vacation, or a business trip. Its seven luxurious hotels are each as remarkable as its guests. The hotels all have their own distinctive traits and histories that provide guests unique experiences in each location.